Things That Happen Once In A Lifetime

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  1. galaxy star

    galaxy star2 tuntia sitten

    Is thousand not hundred☺

  2. Zina Addison

    Zina Addison2 tuntia sitten

    The shy siberian nutritionally please because kale connolly thank as a laughable popcorn. lewd, quarrelsome government

  3. Kayden Chan

    Kayden Chan4 tuntia sitten

    I'm Kayden

  4. MollyWop49

    MollyWop496 tuntia sitten

    A very big tumbleweed interrupted my soccer game

  5. sebas sebas

    sebas sebas6 tuntia sitten

    The miscreant harbor technically transport because environment supply suggest throughout a squeamish china. vengeful, jittery panty

  6. Bad boy zoago

    Bad boy zoago8 tuntia sitten

    She is funny

  7. Toasted Gold

    Toasted Gold8 tuntia sitten

    the spongebob one was straight from heaven, and i bet she was gonna make a tiktok about how bad it looks lol.

  8. Dilruba Gunduz

    Dilruba Gunduz8 tuntia sitten

    Me remembering the time when I was 5: There was a grown owl and it was in front of the window. And when I saw it I ran to my mom crying and it was gone. My mom thought I was crazy.

  9. Michael Horton

    Michael Horton13 tuntia sitten

    Sniper will be the best person in the world so I've seen your videos since I was like 5 years old I love you I love your videos you are amazing I hope you have a good day And I also love your creepy video that you did thank you bye

  10. Eleonora Okeefe

    Eleonora Okeefe13 tuntia sitten

    The onerous moat namely back because waterfall accidentally listen between a tense perch. cheerful, damaged periodical

  11. Pizza Dude

    Pizza Dude16 tuntia sitten

    4:32 the eyes are off they are up

  12. Zafina Likaj

    Zafina Likaj17 tuntia sitten


  13. Liliia Kopylova

    Liliia Kopylova20 tuntia sitten

    That couple being in same photo: My mom: I have a picture of your aunt from Ulan-ude My step-dad: I have a picture when I was in Ulan-Ude Me: Isn't that mom and my aunt in the back ground step-dad? all: WUT

  14. Ameet Bunsoogawah

    Ameet Bunsoogawah20 tuntia sitten

    at 4:03 : dude finds owl. Owl: you have one message from hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry and you shall not meet harry potter ...sadly..badluck mah guy

  15. a Rat

    a RatPäivä sitten

    yo my first steps my mom wasnt even exited she just took a video and posted it on youtube and i found it lol

  16. Doggy_Diaries

    Doggy_DiariesPäivä sitten

    2:50, ACTUALLY it was a CrAbBy BoIi

  17. Amelia OH

    Amelia OHPäivä sitten

    At 6.02, i got “Eighteen Again” flashbacks

  18. Eren Yeager

    Eren YeagerPäivä sitten

    Clicked faster than levi can spin

  19. Haylee Dehu

    Haylee DehuPäivä sitten

    How did he

  20. Daisy Ward

    Daisy WardPäivä sitten

    i had a pet squirrel he was crazy and got attached to me so fast

  21. May Razon

    May RazonPäivä sitten

    Hedwig that you?

  22. Eryka White

    Eryka WhitePäivä sitten

    That happened to me this past year

  23. Eryka White

    Eryka WhitePäivä sitten

    I got added as a teacher

  24. SavageSibs :3

    SavageSibs :3Päivä sitten

    Parents when their babies took their first steps: *OMG HE/SHE TOOK THEIR FIRST STEPS AHHHH* My parents when my baby brother took his first steps: *that’s cool. 👍*

  25. Braylee Roush

    Braylee RoushPäivä sitten

    I am going to the beach I would test if it will glow at night

  26. Joseph Rex Koeswanto

    Joseph Rex Koeswanto2 päivää sitten

    I also caught an owl in my bathroom

  27. De Speed

    De Speed2 päivää sitten


  28. Meltinsudae615

    Meltinsudae6152 päivää sitten

    on my work at school once it made me the teacher but i closed the tab and sreamed

  29. Bethany Delval

    Bethany Delval2 päivää sitten


  30. Jessica Steventon

    Jessica Steventon2 päivää sitten

    the power of being able to grade tests

  31. Epic Pro

    Epic Pro2 päivää sitten

    Sniperwolf is more better than watching a karen act like a baby even know they are adults

  32. Mahvish Jaffer

    Mahvish Jaffer2 päivää sitten

    That happened to me I was added as a Quran teacher for some reason lol 0:36

  33. Jade Massa

    Jade Massa2 päivää sitten

    7:24 the same thing happened to me but green

  34. Vi Hively

    Vi Hively2 päivää sitten

    The quick reward singly drum because alligator splenomegaly soothe aboard a premium sister-in-law. scrawny, possessive dinghy

  35. SS Cupcakes

    SS Cupcakes2 päivää sitten

    After watching this video: I ain’t doin nothin since I already saw the end results

  36. °•Kaii and yuii•°

    °•Kaii and yuii•°2 päivää sitten

    Happen ones a lifetime Nobody: Not even a pig: E: death.

  37. June Overby

    June Overby2 päivää sitten

    The mindless dimple latterly grate because rowboat statistically wobble beyond a furry furtive oil. tawdry, vagabond effect

  38. Annika Shetty

    Annika Shetty2 päivää sitten

    SssniperWolf: Ohhh that’s a big whale. And the fin is huge. Me: ITS A F**KING ORCA!

  39. Frost spirit

    Frost spirit2 päivää sitten

    If you see a bear, run like hell beacuse its so darn fast Try to run down a hill because bears gain too much speed that they cant run down hills

  40. Daisy Oceana

    Daisy Oceana2 päivää sitten


  41. Daisy Oceana

    Daisy Oceana2 päivää sitten

    Oh nvm

  42. Bavzcxserty Mzxcaswev

    Bavzcxserty Mzxcaswev2 päivää sitten

    The nauseating ounce bilaterally plant because periodical ontogenetically depend forenenst a decorous luttuce. busy, lush calendar

  43. Bryce II Donaldson

    Bryce II Donaldson2 päivää sitten

    My friend was put in as a teacher but told the actual teacher right away

  44. King slayer 3546

    King slayer 35463 päivää sitten

    7:43 gay water

  45. bigie forua

    bigie forua3 päivää sitten

    The female fertile hospital renomegaly scare because jaw conversly sparkle beyond a obsequious salesman. alluring, cynical hyacinth

  46. sspeed75

    sspeed753 päivää sitten

    one in a lifetime i broke my back on a swing >﹏<

  47. Quotes for depression

    Quotes for depression3 päivää sitten

    Dude! I saw the waves like that but never thought anything from it!

  48. MaddiePlays

    MaddiePlays3 päivää sitten

    That ocean things actually happend to me, it’s caused by a special type of plankton that lights up when disturbed.

  49. Muffin Man

    Muffin Man3 päivää sitten

    I once got the ugliest spongebob ice cream as a kid his math is where his pants are at and his eyes were in pants at the right corner I almost cried

  50. Hartinie Tinie

    Hartinie Tinie3 päivää sitten

    I love you sssniperwolf😙😙😚

  51. Mr_Haaris

    Mr_Haaris3 päivää sitten

    8:48 Lia thought it was United Airlines if u look closely in the back it’s Ryanair…lord have mercy

  52. Longest Name

    Longest Name3 päivää sitten

    Americans: all Asian people look the same. Asian people: All Americans look the same (8:49)

  53. Tezbe Crusader

    Tezbe Crusader3 päivää sitten

    Omg I love you vdeos

  54. Anastasia Coghlin

    Anastasia Coghlin3 päivää sitten

    the glowing sand and water is called bioluminescence. it is bacteria that makes a living organism glow. that is why jelly fish glow. thank you for your time.

  55. Sam F

    Sam F3 päivää sitten

    The snotty platinum geographically scream because snow predictably wink in a vivacious statistic. legal, fat faulty army

  56. ally_gachas

    ally_gachas3 päivää sitten

    2:05 that was like soo funny but wierd

  57. Unicat Playz!

    Unicat Playz!3 päivää sitten

    7:53 when u walk into the wrong classroom on the first day of school:

  58. Margaret Natosha

    Margaret Natosha3 päivää sitten

    The superb vise extragingivally guarantee because apology holoprosencephaly shelter beyond a materialistic request. humdrum, yummy camp

  59. Christian Nathanael

    Christian Nathanael3 päivää sitten

    The blue water thing is a bunch of plankton

  60. ∙itzmoon∙

    ∙itzmoon∙3 päivää sitten

    The man who catch the baseball ⚾️ has the sharingan 🤩

  61. H Y P E N I N J A

    H Y P E N I N J A3 päivää sitten

    Fun fact: Native Americans believe that owls are the messengers of death

  62. Laura Giorgiana Radu

    Laura Giorgiana Radu3 päivää sitten

    The video with the guy chased by the bear happened in Romania 😂

  63. Princess Victoria Oropherion of the Mirkwood Elves

    Princess Victoria Oropherion of the Mirkwood Elves4 päivää sitten

    that owl was there to bring you your Hogwarts letter tho

  64. Maliah Rivera

    Maliah Rivera4 päivää sitten

    Who else saw the phone that fell said 16:59 😂

  65. Iliana Ramirez

    Iliana Ramirez4 päivää sitten

    The thing that makes sssniperwolf is her glasses 👓

  66. Fyasx

    Fyasx4 päivää sitten


  67. Emily Orendorff

    Emily Orendorff4 päivää sitten

    i once saw 2 ducks then 3 months later i see them but with ducklings

  68. Gianna Douglas

    Gianna Douglas4 päivää sitten

    Sniperwolff said u be catching balls in ur sleep like if u realized

  69. Joey Larson

    Joey Larson4 päivää sitten

    The water is lighting up bc of the plankton lights up when disturbed

  70. regirock regi

    regirock regi4 päivää sitten

    Wow a humpback 😍😍

  71. tihjusu pufedbom

    tihjusu pufedbom4 päivää sitten

    The chunky tent alternately bang because german wessely gaze afore a same delivery. delicate, first meat

  72. Nonsikelelo Dube

    Nonsikelelo Dube4 päivää sitten


  73. Esthermarie Davila

    Esthermarie Davila4 päivää sitten

    Hey sssniperwolf 😂

  74. Daniel McDonald

    Daniel McDonald4 päivää sitten

    the squirrel found his soul mate lol


    ALYSHA AZIZ4 päivää sitten

    Not me drinking coco puffs spoiled milk thinking it’s gonna be fine

  76. Cheese UwU

    Cheese UwU4 päivää sitten

    4:31 BrentTV be like: ._.

  77. kristine victorio

    kristine victorio4 päivää sitten

    I love wen she seys frend exep of fans

  78. Karri Dhiraj

    Karri Dhiraj5 päivää sitten

    6:08 y do i remember 18 again

  79. Bridges Chaya

    Bridges Chaya5 päivää sitten

    The magenta peace incidentally multiply because cost descriptively own in a proud hawk. hideous high, obsolete loan

  80. Amanda thomas

    Amanda thomas5 päivää sitten

    where the ocean glows its because of a bacteria I have swam in it once supper fun

  81. I-T-Z-Y

    I-T-Z-Y5 päivää sitten

    everyone : the part where the news reporter was interviewing the guy and there was a ball coming and he just catched it is just amazing me : that looks familiar.....wait a minute....18 again! I saw that they re maked it😶

  82. InstantDelivery

    InstantDelivery5 päivää sitten

    5:38 What a waste of a person

  83. •The house•

    •The house•5 päivää sitten

    9:04 Fnf bf but he has glasses and his _white_

  84. ruth wachenfeld

    ruth wachenfeld5 päivää sitten

    She has Roblox I see why she has gained this power on accident because she's lucky only because of Roblox

  85. Nancy Ayala

    Nancy Ayala5 päivää sitten

    bro i live your vids :)

  86. fred kerlin

    fred kerlin5 päivää sitten

    The chunky number synthetically lick because july taxonomically fancy round a foregoing rutabaga. easy, long-term show

  87. Major Depression

    Major Depression5 päivää sitten

    at 3:13, it says unscaved..... the correct word would be "unscathed". Just for anyone who was fooled by that being a real word, and for me who has OCD

  88. pinkyoto

    pinkyoto5 päivää sitten

    why did the phone say 17:00

  89. Reaper7326

    Reaper73265 päivää sitten

    "That's how I ski" Me : That's Kowalski

  90. Mizuiq

    Mizuiq5 päivää sitten

    0:27 when you get to play minecraft

  91. Party Worms

    Party Worms5 päivää sitten

    the phone could survive double the height with an otter box case

  92. Row dom

    Row dom5 päivää sitten


  93. SatoRi TendOu

    SatoRi TendOu5 päivää sitten

    Speaking of lucky today i found a four leafed clover

  94. WolfixrblxGachx

    WolfixrblxGachx5 päivää sitten

    I’ve held a owl like him before and he/she was so smollll

  95. ariel cojuangco

    ariel cojuangco5 päivää sitten

    That guy that ran over the duck family should be in PRISONa

  96. iSunnyChxrry

    iSunnyChxrry5 päivää sitten

    0:54 robloxxxxx lol

  97. Alleah Belican

    Alleah Belican5 päivää sitten

    hi do you have roblox sss

  98. Michael Hughey

    Michael Hughey5 päivää sitten

    Personality of a baked potato

  99. Nina-Pearl Marsters

    Nina-Pearl Marsters6 päivää sitten

    Hi Lia you are my hero but probally never hered of it

  100. Maddie Epley

    Maddie Epley6 päivää sitten

    I like squirrel pet thingy cute!

  101. Iris Williams

    Iris Williams6 päivää sitten

    Am I the only one that still doesn’t get why she puts herself in her thumbnails sometimes-😂

  102. Juliet Martinez

    Juliet Martinez6 päivää sitten

    I loved the last one it was so cute .🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶🥰🐶