Dumbest People On The Internet

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  1. Hwee Sze Kam

    Hwee Sze Kam2 tuntia sitten

    Soup and soup ;-; XD

  2. Lorraine ludwig

    Lorraine ludwig2 tuntia sitten

    Here's a cookie

  3. 2Awesome Bros

    2Awesome Bros2 tuntia sitten

    9 year old me knew that tsp is tablespoon

  4. Billie Welker

    Billie Welker3 tuntia sitten


  5. Kazuichi Souda With A Gun

    Kazuichi Souda With A Gun5 tuntia sitten

    Imagine wearing a hair mask and you accidentally eat one of the hairs

  6. Wolves' Glow

    Wolves' Glow5 tuntia sitten

    I think these people pretend to be stupid or dumb just to get attention, cuz that is what I think ( like if you agree with me )

  7. Spare Channel

    Spare Channel6 tuntia sitten


  8. Frozen starz

    Frozen starz6 tuntia sitten

    I think……(thinking) all of them are equally stupid

  9. Oliver

    Oliver6 tuntia sitten

    I agree that it they look bad but I have the worst eyesight in the entire world

  10. Tiffany Abair

    Tiffany Abair7 tuntia sitten

    Just be like why wear glasses when you got contacts

  11. hi

    hi7 tuntia sitten

    Omg I’ve rode in my friends car before and there is a SOS button in it and I wanted to know what happens when u hit it… also why do they make the buttons u shouldn’t hit big and red??

  12. Frost Gamer

    Frost Gamer7 tuntia sitten

    Well I get headaches if I do t wear glasses

  13. Jv_denn

    Jv_denn7 tuntia sitten

    the funny thing abt the tesla being at the gas station is the guy recording has a tesla aswell..

  14. Stephanie Sanchez

    Stephanie Sanchez7 tuntia sitten

    Is because they can’t see and they wasted their money on glasses and they don’t want to buy contacts stupid I don’t look bad how are you just shut up about those glasses because you probably got contacts right now.

  15. Stephanie Sanchez

    Stephanie Sanchez7 tuntia sitten

    2:34 People wear glasses because they want to and they’re blind and they don’t want to get contacts OK so stop being mean god what that is wrong with these rude people what’s wrong with glasses they look McCue there on the bed see those classes right there you need them because you look poor to me

  16. Kayla Jones

    Kayla Jones7 tuntia sitten

    It's 22 dummmmmmm

  17. PixieDusted

    PixieDusted8 tuntia sitten

    Azzie?? Is that you?!?

  18. Samantha Rhodes

    Samantha Rhodes8 tuntia sitten

    i watches this with my mom who has glasses...when the *Its 2021 ppl need to stop wearing glasses* guy showed up.......she said "pause the video" came back and put her glasses in the case and threw them across the room BTW they somehow didnt break

  19. April Touchet

    April Touchet8 tuntia sitten

    Hi Lia

  20. Leilani Rodriguez

    Leilani Rodriguez8 tuntia sitten

    HelLo FrEiNdS iTs Me

  21. Kristine K

    Kristine K8 tuntia sitten

    bruh i need glasses to see far away i mean your opinon is right just to see but i bee crying TwT my father can't see either

  22. Hussain AlMishaal

    Hussain AlMishaal8 tuntia sitten

    That dude who said that glasses are stupid he should shut up how dare he say that I will literally hit him

  23. Meredith Vaughn

    Meredith Vaughn9 tuntia sitten

    Guy: stop wearing glasses Me: But but we need them to see

  24. eric clayton

    eric clayton10 tuntia sitten

    Ok so 2:17 dude say you realize it’s a Tesla and you don’t need gas but proceeds to aim camera down to show he’s in a Tesla right behind her to get fuel also lol

  25. Roblox Explorer

    Roblox Explorer11 tuntia sitten

    No glasses make me look Chinese

  26. Ayushi Thakkar

    Ayushi Thakkar11 tuntia sitten

    4:22 Maybe they’re not dumb. Maybe English was there second language or smth

  27. ✨strawberry cow✨☕️

    ✨strawberry cow✨☕️11 tuntia sitten

    8:33 I wear glasses-



    soy yo o le copia a Mariale?

  29. Christie Caldwell

    Christie Caldwell12 tuntia sitten

    Didn't Pancho also make fun off the super glue her hair lady?

  30. Amy Beller

    Amy Beller13 tuntia sitten

    Now I can have dooonnuuyttss

  31. Anna Belle

    Anna Belle13 tuntia sitten

    I thought it was 59 minutes

  32. Ella Myatt

    Ella Myatt14 tuntia sitten

    2:30 Oh no sos forgot my glasses and head phones on for zoom guess I won’t learn Bruh seriously “JuSt LeaRn HOw To SEe bEttEr” Bish literally impossible...............

  33. Cammy Mallari

    Cammy Mallari14 tuntia sitten


  34. Team_ Blobz

    Team_ Blobz14 tuntia sitten

    Heyyyyyyyy sssniperwolf!! I'm a youtuber as well, hopefully i'm not that popular...as yet👉, but I don't know fully what contents to post, I hope you read this comment....also You're one of my fans

  35. Mirela Dohan

    Mirela Dohan15 tuntia sitten

    No .31days🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐😷😷😷

  36. *•Blossom Tea•*

    *•Blossom Tea•*15 tuntia sitten

    “Why do people live?” “Just die”

  37. Demikingdom Wrestling

    Demikingdom Wrestling15 tuntia sitten

    when you find yourself on this video : 🤣 ( i am not any , thank god )

  38. Laeba Amir

    Laeba Amir16 tuntia sitten

    Me: "No allergies. My big sis :I have strawberry allergies

  39. _Jumii_

    _Jumii_16 tuntia sitten

    Can you do live hack

  40. Carolyn Cruz

    Carolyn Cruz16 tuntia sitten

    The uptight anteater namely stare because verdict iteratively interfere behind a fallacious snail. sticky, thankful bongo

  41. Omar Othman

    Omar Othman16 tuntia sitten

    2:29 IKR but the problem my mom torchers me I swear I take it off every day when she’s gone when she comes back ima be faster than sonic snatching those glasses

  42. Emily Hiltibidal

    Emily Hiltibidal16 tuntia sitten

    At least put a cup under the strainer

  43. シ︎

    シ︎17 tuntia sitten

    9:20 These 2 look like rowley and greg from diary of a wimpy kid tho- 😭

  44. Dhairya Changani

    Dhairya Changani17 tuntia sitten

    2:20 the person recording is also driving a tesla

  45. Jessica Knutson

    Jessica Knutson18 tuntia sitten

    When that guy asked that girl what is your body cound

  46. Thlenga Ngente

    Thlenga Ngente18 tuntia sitten


  47. Bloxy Buildz

    Bloxy Buildz19 tuntia sitten

    I remember when I pressed the sos button in the car by accident but it did not have to buttons. Me and my sister were just trying to play hide and seek!😂😭

  48. Kristen Wagner

    Kristen Wagner21 tunti sitten

    An important question. anyone with a gluten allergy. what are the best brands that are gluten free. cause i get really bad stomach aches and i’m the only one with an allergy. just need some tips.

  49. Anna Long

    Anna Long22 tuntia sitten

    My dad owns a Tesla and he goes to the gas station to clean his windshield and windows

  50. The All-star channle

    The All-star channle22 tuntia sitten

    The dood who said no glasses was prob warring contacts

  51. Jf Xj

    Jf Xj23 tuntia sitten

    Those two boys was stupid about a month 😒😒😒

  52. kitty CAT

    kitty CATPäivä sitten

    HI ! Please say hi to me

  53. Jonahas Sillas

    Jonahas SillasPäivä sitten

    I was born in February and part where she talks about February being wrong that girl is a fencing me and other people and I'm not talking about sniper Wolf

  54. Trinh Mong

    Trinh MongPäivä sitten

    Y-e-s yes

  55. Trinh Mong

    Trinh MongPäivä sitten

    Bruh I have glasses

  56. zixuan Xia

    zixuan XiaPäivä sitten

    It’s June right now: )

  57. Mietta's Lego Life

    Mietta's Lego LifePäivä sitten


  58. Hailey Campos

    Hailey CamposPäivä sitten


  59. Zafreel Azha

    Zafreel AzhaPäivä sitten

    9:44 He sounds like Kaden

  60. Jenny Evans

    Jenny EvansPäivä sitten

    Sssniper wolf looks good in glasses

  61. Emilio Jr. Jorge

    Emilio Jr. JorgePäivä sitten

    I'm so mad when she said Miami I literally live in Miami

  62. Bianca Martin Bianca Martin

    Bianca Martin Bianca MartinPäivä sitten


  63. Amanda Jean

    Amanda JeanPäivä sitten

    The glasses one is just mean

  64. Brae Stacksz

    Brae StackszPäivä sitten

    Oh and Snipper wolf pls can I have a shout out on August 31st because that's my birthday I would really appreciate it if you gave me one☺☺☺

  65. gotcha girl

    gotcha girlPäivä sitten

    I think there's a thing called gluten-free donuts possibly ??? ...

  66. Luis

    LuisPäivä sitten

    5×5-3 is 22

  67. Danielle Stanley

    Danielle StanleyPäivä sitten

    Did anyone notice the girl that said she's going to bury herself in the cemetery she didn't watch it sniper Wolf didn't watch it

  68. Ifrah Sheekh

    Ifrah SheekhPäivä sitten

    Unlike other FItitlers

  69. Ifrah Sheekh

    Ifrah SheekhPäivä sitten

    I love it when she reacts to things she makes it less boring

  70. Gaming with Rylan Eker

    Gaming with Rylan EkerPäivä sitten

    What if he just said got your hat because the answer was wrong it was 22 not 26 lol

  71. Stella Scheiterlein

    Stella ScheiterleinPäivä sitten


  72. ZukiZuki

    ZukiZukiPäivä sitten

    2:28 Imagine this "you're paralyzed? you don't need a wheelchair..JUST LEARN HOW TO WALK ITS 2021" damn

  73. Kaylee Hammersley

    Kaylee HammersleyPäivä sitten

    2:38 Bruh- no if people wear glasses they either want to look cute or HAVE to wear them!

  74. Ruben Castaneda

    Ruben CastanedaPäivä sitten

    You look way better with your glasses on😊

  75. Dragon Queen

    Dragon QueenPäivä sitten

    God help these people. 🤦‍♀️ smh


    SHELBY MCCARTERPäivä sitten

    That guy : just stop wearing glasses and see Me :how could you it’s not my fault I have bad vision

  77. Dalan Riggar

    Dalan RiggarPäivä sitten

    Guy who tried to bully the glasses off me: Just see better Me: I WILL NOT BE TAKING MY GLASSES OFF AND TRYING TO SEE I LIKE MY GLASSES AND I CAN WEAR THEM IF I WANT

  78. Cat's Creations

    Cat's CreationsPäivä sitten

    the fact that i wear glasses and that man said just see is very rude and making me feel SO blind :((

  79. Isabella Coursey

    Isabella CourseyPäivä sitten

    A glasses wearer here is my response: boy back off

  80. Ozan Ucar

    Ozan UcarPäivä sitten

    Whats 5x5-3 ? 5x5-3 is 26. Me... Ok so, What is 5 - 3? Yes, 2 Now add 20 Yes, 22 as easy as that -.-

  81. Gabbi Kotes

    Gabbi KotesPäivä sitten

    We need glasses 👓 but he was being a bich

  82. Gabbi Kotes

    Gabbi Kotes20 tuntia sitten

    Soo true

  83. Z4HRA

    Z4HRAPäivä sitten

    What body count

  84. Mia-louise Chilton

    Mia-louise ChiltonPäivä sitten

    8:75 still wouldn’t be correct

  85. Alice Harvey

    Alice HarveyPäivä sitten

    But people need glasses

  86. Mariana Ramirez

    Mariana RamirezPäivä sitten

    2:33man my dad has glasses he cant see well and, sssniperwolf has glasses stop it we Need visión with glasses

  87. Galactic Warrior gaming

    Galactic Warrior gamingPäivä sitten

    2:30 I got glasses when I was 4 and I’m 9 and I still can’t see without my glasses

  88. Laura Bak fredslund

    Laura Bak fredslundPäivä sitten


  89. Myla Obispo

    Myla ObispoPäivä sitten

    their brain do be cooked


    THRINGOPäivä sitten

    Italy Germany Russia


    THRINGOPäivä sitten

    What a doosh about the glasses

  92. RyZe Gaming

    RyZe GamingPäivä sitten

    U look better with ur glasses than without

  93. Dhruvin Ghevariya

    Dhruvin GhevariyaPäivä sitten

    " Why wear glasses ? It makes you look Stupid. " Me :- Haha , Jokes On You Cause I'm Getting The 1st Grade Since I Started My Education While Wearing Glasses Since I Was 5 Year old. 😎😎

  94. RedRiana

    RedRianaPäivä sitten

    Me watching this* My friend: *Walks into the bedroom* My friend again: What the- Me: Hi. Her: beats computer up*

  95. Bulli, rusty ,Roxie, manny, cookie and Sophia

    Bulli, rusty ,Roxie, manny, cookie and SophiaPäivä sitten

    Does anyone else think she is so pretty

  96. Leanne Mackinnon

    Leanne Mackinnon2 päivää sitten

    5×5 - 3 = 22

  97. Gayane Kazaryan

    Gayane Kazaryan2 päivää sitten

    4:55 i can feel that bc that happened to more then I can count

  98. ginger bordales

    ginger bordales2 päivää sitten

    Man: "just learned how to see" Blind people be like*yeahh just gonna open my eyes and now i can see☺*


    TOXIC PANDA2 päivää sitten

    The answer to 5x5x3=22

  100. Tigar4oBG

    Tigar4oBG2 päivää sitten

    sssniperwolf you are cute with glasses dong get them off.